I’m thrilled to announce the release of DiscordBotFoundation Beta Version 0.25.0! This update brings some significant changes, including the upgrade of our main library to version 5.0.0-beta.20, along with updates to several other key libraries. Additionally, we’ve introduced a noteworthy modification by replacing StringSelectMenu with StringSelectMenuEvent for an even more dynamic user experience.

Key Updates:

  1. Main Library Upgrade: We’ve elevated DiscordBotFoundation to new heights by updating our main library to version 5.0.0-beta.20. This major upgrade introduces a host of improvements, optimizations, and exciting features that will elevate your experience on our platform.
  2. Library Overhaul: In addition to the main library update, we’ve also refreshed several other libraries to their latest versions. This ensures that DiscordBotFoundation stays at the cutting edge of technology, providing you with enhanced performance, security, and access to the latest features.
  3. StringSelectMenuEvent: Say hello to StringSelectMenuEvent, the evolution of our menu system. This change is designed to offer a more intuitive and responsive interaction within DiscordBotFoundation. We believe this modification will add a new layer of engagement to your experience.

How to Explore the Changes:

To immerse yourself in the latest improvements, head over to GitHub.com and explore the updated Beta Version 0.25.0. Your feedback is invaluable as we fine-tune these changes, so please share your thoughts with us.